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Episode 178 – The For-Profit Mobile Ramjack Forensic Lab of Secrets and Manufactured Evidence
| 12. April, 2014

It’s our first official Alf-yo Episode in which we step away from our standard faire and test the waters on some other panic inducing shows from the ’80’s. This week we take a look at the befuddling ALF Season 1×14 A Little Bit of Soap and the pilot episode of Small Wonder a sci-fi sitcom about a highly skilled child predator and his broken family.

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Listen to Episode 178 – 1:47:41


Episode 70 – Ramjack and the Bucket of Danger!
| 25. August, 2011

Prepare yourself for radness! Brad gives his summer reading list update. Spoilers: Teddy and Kermit are off on some capers and caprices of their own and the economy is going to collapse again. There’s some not-so-surprising news from Jackson TN and a discussion of how lame Casey Jones Village is. Alex has been to Chicago and almost got attacked by a decepticon whilst ignoring foxy scavengers on his way to hip happening mustache parties. We ask for your help with Brad’s new northern career goals. We kick off our grand Mr. Belvedere rewatch in epic style and a slew of questions. Which member of the Owen family is the most disturbed? When will Mr. Belvedere kill again? What’s his angle? Where the hell did he come from? How old is Bob Uecker? What have they been teaching these creepo masochistic children? Where did Mr. Belvedere get that hamster from? Isn’t eight years old a little too young for hot-tubing?
But seriously, When is Belvedere going to kill again?
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Listen to Episode 70 – 1:24:40

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