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Episode 257 – Anarchy at Embassy of the Ideological Pick-Pockets: A Ramjack Operation
| 20. February, 2016

Listen to this hot new episode of game-changing entertainment. There are some super questionable new subcultures in the mix and monsters are everywhere. Join us for a Book Report Battle with The World’s Greatest Human of 2015. We kick off a new contest with a guaranteed prize! Mr. Belvedere 6×06 “Paper Mill” is a very very special episode with the most amazing montage ever.

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_257.mp3|titles=Episode 257|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 257 – 02:30:40


Episode 76 – Ramjack and the Pumpkin King of Hypotheticals
| 16. October, 2011

It’s an action packed episode that’s gonna be catching bodies and meeting cute all over the place.
Brad fights a car while Alex has celeb sightings and socializes with the working class. We watch the film “Head of the Family” to learn about hypothetical-lawyer-long-cons and tenderness. Mr. Belvedere has to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and Saved by the Bell goes completely crazy-bananas as the final remnants of order are completely uprooted. Send this podcast to five of your friends and if anything happens to either of us in the meantime forward it
on to three lawyers and then tell them to give it to the State Attorney.
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Listen to Episode 76 – 2:16:56

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