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Episode 122 – Loitering at the tomb of chaos: A Ramjack Misdemeanor
| 23. January, 2013

Come transcend the generic non-specific energy with us! Olds don’t understand violence…or tech… or why that ugly bitch is in a film with Cary Grant. Dolphins are giving gifts and the Capuchins are coming for our pills. The Owens Family’s financial situation becomes more ridiculous and things get uncomfortably racial when the dark forces of The Empire strike back on Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Also we find out there’s a war on the Ten Commandments and we have no idea why anyone is defending them.

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Listen to Episode 122 – 2:18:48

Smile for Hepatitis: Ramjack at the Fair! – Episode 38
| 20. September, 2010

Science: Phony baloney’s are sly and sexy cheaters. Stuffed animals and children begat of vegetation bred for slave labor and rescued by an industrious latch-key kid with deep coffers = A Marketing Bonanza. Confessions: Animal Hoarding takes us to a dark place… a dark crazy Serbian war-zone-like place. Santa wants you to smoke some sweet sweet nicotine and stop hitting your kids. Sylvester Stallone is an extreme enforcer of “The Law”/Wannabe Food Critic in the 1986 Action Romp “Cobra” based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling from a concept by Sapphire. Now with 900% more Night-Slashing. The situation room LOVES it when a plan comes together and we party like it’s 1999.

Listen to Episode 38 – 1:12:34

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