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//Episode 603 – Tightrope Over the Infinite Sorrow: Captured by Ramjack

Mr. T | | 20. June, 2023

14 years in we ask the very important question: What the hell is a terrorcon? Alex learns that trampolines can be just as real as real basketball. Brad dips into the secret local Tiki bar and then meets his new trauma-based monster pal The Boogeyman. In T and T 1×24 “Now You See It” A psychic comes to Amy/Amanda with a case that doesn’t make any sense at all and Mr. T helps a kid who is definitely not on drugs to clean up and turn his life around. Finally, we have some wildly confusing tales generated from A.I. featuring T.S. Turner: Monster Hunter.

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Where we just want to know more about sparky the robotic dog and Jessica and Lono’s relationship.

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