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Episode 207 – Candy Canes and Cloying Kids: The Solstice Shoes of Ramjack
| 21. December, 2014

Happy Holidayz! Brad takes a bold stance AGAINST nazis and describes the adventures and fashions of the 2014 Eukanuba Dog Show. Alex brings us the perfect gift for the craven T-shirt wearing asshole in your life. Mormons at our favorite website are given proper advice. We discuss the bizarre ABC Family Film “The 12 Dates of Christmas” starring Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

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Episode 140 – Behold! Ramjack and the Journey of the June Battle Brides!
| 22. June, 2013

It’s the Ramjack Wedding Spectacular! We discuss wedding facts, help some people with their Christian Marriages, and learn about find out if our podcast is ready for marriage. We finish our time on the edge of tomorrow and say farewell to the Bayside crew as we watch Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.

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Episode 139 – Ramjack: Fancy Cats To The Rescue!!
| 14. June, 2013

It’s summer and that means two things a) movies and b) complaining about Damon Lindeloff. We chat about ‘This is the End’, ‘Star Trek into the Lameness’, and ‘Iron Man 3’. American doctors are monsters that should not be trusted. Marcia gets her comeuppance on ‘Mr. Belvedere’ and we say farewell to ‘Saved by the Bell: The College Years’ as we discuss the final bonkers episode.

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Episode 128 – Ramjack and Primadonna Power Party Potlouck
| 20. March, 2013

Jon Pernisek AKA Elijah Mathew pops in to join your regular pair of Morley Safer’s as we present a DARE drug free podcast. Brad and Alex finally have their anti-drug PSA from 1999 vindicated, And get ready to check-in with everybody’s favorite rambling-lunatic-posing-as-a-small-town-journalist as we play the Lora Wimsatt drinking game.

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Listen to Episode 128 – 1:38:45

Epiosode 80 – Bionic Rage: Ramjack on the Battlements
| 18. November, 2011

Join us friends as we pitch an amazing new breakfast option that will forever change the Holiday Season. Brazil goes on official notice for their bedroom antics. We Introduce a grip of new Apps that will decipher what kind of ghost situation you are dealing with for an economical price, try to nail down if truth is true and get ready for our Thanksgiving sport reports.
Mr. Belvedere gets really really real on Thanksgiving and Zack Morris is jerk to Wheelchair Bitches in the Tori Universe of Saved by The Bell.
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Listen to Episode 80 – 1:50:24

Episode 75 – Ramjack and the Communion of the War-Beasts
| 5. October, 2011

It’s the Episode 75 Spectacular! And what is more spectacular than the mad rad 90’s fashions of “Saved by the Bell”? Grab your favorite sweater, pair of boots, and weirdo blazer and join us. Alex loves McDonalds. Brad loves Coffee. Jeezos love subterfuge and connect four. We find out who’s losing at Facebook. Learn the devilish secrets of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Delve into a horrific new world of fanfiction. The incest heats up on Mr. Belvedere (now with 100% more witches) and a mediocre-at-best non-traditional student comes between Zack and Slater on Saved by the Bell.
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Listen to Episode 75 – 2:10:12

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