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Episode 294 – Ramjack and the Culling of the Yule Beasts
| 9. December, 2016

Alex has tales of toys, travel, and obsession. Brad is ready to tell people how it is and call out liars and monsters wherever needed. We are all just trying to get to that Lucky Level where it’s fun to be alive as we discuss the 1948 Christmas episode of The Jack Benny Radio Show

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Where wallets should not cost that much.

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Episode 75 – Ramjack and the Communion of the War-Beasts
| 5. October, 2011

It’s the Episode 75 Spectacular! And what is more spectacular than the mad rad 90’s fashions of “Saved by the Bell”? Grab your favorite sweater, pair of boots, and weirdo blazer and join us. Alex loves McDonalds. Brad loves Coffee. Jeezos love subterfuge and connect four. We find out who’s losing at Facebook. Learn the devilish secrets of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Delve into a horrific new world of fanfiction. The incest heats up on Mr. Belvedere (now with 100% more witches) and a mediocre-at-best non-traditional student comes between Zack and Slater on Saved by the Bell.
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The Ramjack 9/11 Pageant: A Cliched Jingoistic Scream from Planet Earth’s Greatest Nation Wrapped in Fetishistic Nationalism as Baby Jesus Always Intended It.
| 12. September, 2011


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