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Episode 169 – Ramjack and the Turn of the Jester’s Query
| 30. January, 2014

It’s time for an exciting evening of games as Alex, Brad, Jon, and sometimes Adrian settle in for some fun fun fun. We learn all about Adrian’s ‘No. But…’ school of improv. Jonathon is haunted by his past, Alex asks us to play the game of “Advice Giving” We play “Skymall Scramble” and then a completely unrelated brand new game called “Dog Show Scramble” And then have a dramatic Lora Wimsatt Trivia showdown.
Listen to the song sweeping the nation “Everyone’s Havin’ Fun in the Sun (Today)” by Jon Pernisek
[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/FunFunFun.mp3|titles=Everyone’s Havin’ Fun in the Sun (Today)|artists=Jon Pernisek] Get the Lyrics at the Wiki

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Where the party’s not over it ain’t done done done…

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_169.mp3|titles=Episode 169|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 169 – 2:49:11

Episode 92 – Grizzly Hunting Gadabouts: Ramjack in the Forest of Chance
| 11. March, 2012

Grab your breakfast ice cream and join us for an exciting new episode! Old timey seeds are here and they and they don’t understand our generation’s music. Japanese Boyfriends list their greviences and take comfort in Asian Jeezo, despite his fratricide. We meet a slew of the most terrifying new friends when Alex is again forced to play America’s Favorite Game: “Strange Addict OR Smells like a Halibut” Brad drinks the most expensive Starbucks drink ever and Alex explores “The Colony.” Chapter Three of “The Belvedere and the Butterfly” carries us further down the rabbit hole and reunites us with an old friend. We hit upon a very special episode of Mr. Belvedere and learn all about AIDS and the Saved by the Bell Crew rests on their laurels with a Valentine’s Day Clip show.

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Listen to Episode 92 – 2:11:33

Episode 83 – Heated Disease Trough: A Ramjack Family Buffet
| 12. December, 2011

Looking to have fun in church? Try The Baby Jeezo Sexy-Time Party Pew, it’s not gonna make churchgoing more sensible but it might just get you a Grand-Slam at Denny’s. We watch the preview of TLC’s Virgin Diaries and have a full out panic attack. Meanwhile the Japanese are getting Deja-Ew from a grip of unordered pizzas. Belevedere confirms our suspension on all fronts and Zack plots to escape detention with his giant brick phone on Saved by The Bell.
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Monster free and more fun than a Denny’s.

Listen to Episode 83 – 1:37:54

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