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Episode 104 – Ramjack and the Lost Secrets of the Jungle King Castle
| 11. August, 2012

It’s a super chill episode in which we discuss Alex’s latest Summer Camp adventures with the 9/11 year olds and a grip of terrifying creatures that teach real life Animal Facts… the hard way. We chat about The Dark Knight Rises and Bane’s future Broadway Career. The Fifty Shades Generator is a horrific and beautiful find that leads to fun and games.
Join us as we delve once again into the Larger Locks Literary Lounge as we discuss President James Garfield, Charles Guiteau, Alexander Graham Bell, and Dr. Doctor Bliss M.D. Creationists don’t understand electricity or science… or much of anything really (because they are fucking insane and have only a tenious ) And we solve a Mystery!

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Listen to Episode 103 – 1:59:47

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