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Episode 253 – Black Sea Salutations: Ramjack under the Muscovite Mizzenmast
| 22. January, 2016

Breaking News: White people are super angry right now. Alex has news of realife capuchin capers. Brad has watched “The Nightmare” and a grip of “Hoarders” episodes. We have another round of Book Report Battles and learn all about Witch Cakes.

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Listen to Episode 253 – 1:31:46


Episode 64 – Spaceman Murder Syndrome: The Diagnosis of Ramjack
| 1. July, 2011

The Golden Eagle is coming for you and everyone you love! Supposing you survive that maybe you can take a swim with the Kangaroo. Alex is here to give you all the animal facts you crave whilst Brad is prepped with a scholarly history of capers and caprices. Double Summer Camp Shenanigans are being preparred and Alex will be dealing with smart kids that bamboozle him and dumb kids that are going to get pregnant under his supervision. We talk about our awesome experience at a film screening (Hint: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake might just have found true love!) and make our first bold hearty attempt to see “Transformers 3: Invitation to the Dark Side of The Robot Night Eclipse with the Bad Guys that Get’em” for some reason.

Listen to Episode 64 – 1:17:25

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