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Episode 272 – Ramjack and the Festival of the Doom-Stocking
| 5. July, 2016

As we survive the dark solstice it’s time to officially celebrate xmas in July. Alex violates the law with a shocking lack of alarm. We play everyone’s favorite holiday games with the bing translator and the Situation-How-Does-It-End-Room. We dip back into old time radio to discuss Dragnet from 12/22/49 “.22 Rifle for Christmas” and we read a questionable article about Tom Selleck.

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Where I am now playing the music, and, surprisingly, it fits your hand. The task force. .

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Listen to Episode 272 – 02:20:33


Episode 237 – Song of the Pacifist Mastodon: A Ramjack Triumph
| 1. September, 2015

Alex takes a break from campaigning for Ben Carson to discuss some baseball monsters. Brad has uncovered the underground reenactment movement. There’s a really lame themed cruise coming up and an even lamer class you can take in Chicago. Mr Belvedere 5×24 “The Attic” is a less than stellar clip show where the winners and losers might or might not even be in the episode.

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Where we are all preparing our sleestak and velocoraptor period costumes.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_237.mp3|titles=Episode 237|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 237 – 2:17:54


Episode 178 – The For-Profit Mobile Ramjack Forensic Lab of Secrets and Manufactured Evidence
| 12. April, 2014

It’s our first official Alf-yo Episode in which we step away from our standard faire and test the waters on some other panic inducing shows from the ’80’s. This week we take a look at the befuddling ALF Season 1×14 A Little Bit of Soap and the pilot episode of Small Wonder a sci-fi sitcom about a highly skilled child predator and his broken family.

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Where ginger neighbor kids always get a door slammed in their face.

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Listen to Episode 178 – 1:47:41


Episode 83 – Heated Disease Trough: A Ramjack Family Buffet
| 12. December, 2011

Looking to have fun in church? Try The Baby Jeezo Sexy-Time Party Pew, it’s not gonna make churchgoing more sensible but it might just get you a Grand-Slam at Denny’s. We watch the preview of TLC’s Virgin Diaries and have a full out panic attack. Meanwhile the Japanese are getting Deja-Ew from a grip of unordered pizzas. Belevedere confirms our suspension on all fronts and Zack plots to escape detention with his giant brick phone on Saved by The Bell.
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Monster free and more fun than a Denny’s.

Listen to Episode 83 – 1:37:54

Episode 81 – Whoopsie Daisies: The Slaughter Pits of Ramjack
| 28. November, 2011

The all powerful stalk of corn has demanded we deliver this fresh episode unto you. Brad deals with his impending psychosis and Alex reports in on his favorite film: Twilight: Breaking Precipice of Dawn Time Night Vampire Moon Part One of Twelve. Mr. Belvedere takes a dark turn into the scary world of addiction and Tori wrecks inter-dimensional havoc in our favorite sci-fi program Saved by the Bell. We finally receive our first series of drunk voicemails. Hurrah!
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Or find yourself in the baby carriage of death.

Listen to Episode 81 – 1:41:21

Epiosode 80 – Bionic Rage: Ramjack on the Battlements
| 18. November, 2011

Join us friends as we pitch an amazing new breakfast option that will forever change the Holiday Season. Brazil goes on official notice for their bedroom antics. We Introduce a grip of new Apps that will decipher what kind of ghost situation you are dealing with for an economical price, try to nail down if truth is true and get ready for our Thanksgiving sport reports.
Mr. Belvedere gets really really real on Thanksgiving and Zack Morris is jerk to Wheelchair Bitches in the Tori Universe of Saved by The Bell.
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It’s Truth App Aproved.

Listen to Episode 80 – 1:50:24

Return to Ramjack: Emergency Contact of Sutekh – Episode 56 part 2
| 12. April, 2011

More Games… More Fun!
Part Two of Two…
In this exciting conclusion we offer you the opportunity to…Marvel at the most elaborate and unwieldy situation ever lobbied on Ramjack, Excite as we deal with magic talking fish of sizeable value and third rate riddles, Wince at a Scientology themed HumGayGhost with some of Hollywood’s most overrated crazy people. And open your heart to some wacky improv hijinx.

Also our amazing giveaway contest continues.

Listen to Episode 56.5 – 1:04:50

Ramjack: Emergency Contact of Sutekh – Episode 56
| 3. April, 2011

Behold: It’s the game-a-palooza episode of fun!
Part One of Two… So many games so little time! Join us as we tackle code game shenanigans, Deal with the tomfooleries of Sassy, Brassy, & Classy whilst controlling our duplicitous natures and finding ourselves in epic film pitch sessions with drug addled movie producers.

Don’t miss your chance to get caught up in an amazing giveaway contest.

Listen to Episode 56 – 1:05:18

Ramjack on the Road: Rally Edition – Episode 43
| 16. November, 2010

We are dying. Fact. But that’s not going to stop us from reporting on our travels to Washington DC for the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” We battle Jack Black, Chris Matthews, Death Machines, and the Sun in a valiant effort to find some tiny little piece of sanity in these our final remaining days.

But really it’s a lot of random jabbering about our travels, if you actually want to know about the rally, just go watch it or travel back in time and meet us there. Also the war for Pants v Shorts continues to gather steam. Choose your side and
bunker on down… before it’s too late.

Listen to Episode 43 – 1:44:24

Ramjack on Tornado Island: Twisters of Tomfoolerie – Episode 37
| 1. September, 2010

An action packed ep featuring: Pants v Shorts (Hint: one is for men and one is for eight year old boys) Empty Nest Syndrome Mystery solved, “Ice cream day” = The most respectable day. Syfy’s “Mary Knows Best” gives us a panic attack, How to know if she’s into you, Writing Tips, World’s Greatest Human returns, hot-air balloons, clowns, and dark childhood memories surface.

Listen to Episode 37 – 2:01:41

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