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Episode 174 – Ramjack and the Worries of the Screaming Seer of Destiny and Cappuccinos
| 16. March, 2014

Cat cafes are gross, thanks a lot Japan. Ambush weddings are a thing. Scientist are giving flies boners with laser light shows. Alex tries to half-heartedly defend Best Original Screenplay/Fun Ride ‘Her’. We Discuss the Mr. Belvedere Episode ‘The Apartment.’

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Listen to Episode 174 – 1:30:52

Saucy Summer Serenade with Ramjack – Episode 40
| 18. October, 2010

It’s our epic rundown of the Summer Movies of 2010 with special in-studio guest Jon Pernisek. No stone is left unturned as we break it down week by week. Who gave the go ahead to Charlie St. Cloud? Did “Babies” give you a panic attack? Who were the assholes that went to see “Grown-ups”? Let us know. Come forth and witness what will surely be the birth of the Marmacast!

Enjoy it with your ears, your hearts, and your mind-hole.

Listen to Episode 40 – 1:22:29

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