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Episode 298 – Ambassadors to the Academy of Good-Standing: A Ramjack Accolade
| 6. January, 2017

We survived the holidays. Alex is creating magical cinematic moments. Brad is encountering biker Santas with no respect for proper garage use. We dip into the Larger Locks Literary Lounge to discuss an airline murder mystery. The Bing translator wrecks havoc on the films of 2016 and we crown a new World’s Greatest Human.

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Episode 117 – Ramjack & The Quasar-Powered Party Patrol
| 12. December, 2012

Here’s the perfect podcast for your impending holiday panic attacks. Japanese sexists have made a car for the ladies. Alex has more creepy Yoga adventures. Bill O’Reilly isn’t sure if Korean qualifies as a language. Everybody’s favorite former nazi pedophile protector has some Jeezo facts for Xmas. We watch some Doomsday Preppers and get ready to bug out and Evan’s Grandmother gives us a Yule Panic Attack.

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Ramjack and the Giblets of Yesteryear – Episode 46
| 21. December, 2010

It’s a Holiday Smorgasboard Ramjack Extravaganza! We talk about Thanksgiving shenanigans and jump full force into the Yule season.

We go 80’s christmas crazy as we watch Muppet Family Christmas to learn how to be a lousy selfish friend, take a dark turn with the Junkyard gang in Fat Albert’s Christmas, A Mouse a Mystery and Me gives us the Christmas Mystery we’ve all been waiting for, and Chrismas Eve on Sesame Street teaches us the thrifty resourcefulness of the local Jewish Merchant.

Listen to Episode 46 – 1:51:21

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