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Episode 286 – Untold Tales From The Ramjack Spectral Shade
| 11. October, 2016

Alex encounters a transcendent marching band and a football magician. Brad wants to be an agitator for hire. We check in on the Nextdoor App and call shenanigans on this lurking clown nonsense. Brad attempts to explain the plot of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure 2016. Archie’s Weird Mysteries Episode 33 “Halloween of Horror” is a bonkers tale of the power of friendship against ancient vampire prophecy.

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Where Magicians are never men.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_286.mp3|titles=Episode 286|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 286 – 02:47:46


Episode 212 – Mediocre Meadow Phlox: Ramjack and The Inconsequential Florist
| 29. January, 2015

Alex has a list of seemingly benign activities that dudes (AKA “The Worst”) are somehow able to sexualize and then rate. We look at a super shifty study that stretches the definition of “kid” to a useless degree. Brad has a new website and plays available at http://www.chaosatom.com and he also learns the valuable lesson about email. We again are faced with Marsha being an unrepentant monster in Mr. Belvedere 5×13 “Anchor’s Away”.

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Where a giant digirace sparkles above us all.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_212.mp3|titles=Episode 212|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 212 – 2:24:30


Curse of the Pentagram Moon: The Bite of Ramjack – Episode 42
| 29. October, 2010

We see you Hoarding those Pumpkins. It’s Halloween and BooBerry is judging you with his jaunty eyebrow.

As we prep for our trip to Washington D.C. we still find time to ask the hard questions. Have you found love in a bakery, at the hands of a scary Slovenian sadist robot, or with a creepy clown? …Because someone has.

We talk about an epic triple feature of “Paranormal Activity”, The Asylum knock-off “Paranormal Entity” & “Paranormal Activity 2” Also join us for our Super Special
Cedric-Centric Situation Room.

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Listen to Episode 42 – 2:11:42

Ramjack on Tornado Island: Twisters of Tomfoolerie – Episode 37
| 1. September, 2010

An action packed ep featuring: Pants v Shorts (Hint: one is for men and one is for eight year old boys) Empty Nest Syndrome Mystery solved, “Ice cream day” = The most respectable day. Syfy’s “Mary Knows Best” gives us a panic attack, How to know if she’s into you, Writing Tips, World’s Greatest Human returns, hot-air balloons, clowns, and dark childhood memories surface.

Listen to Episode 37 – 2:01:41

Boiling Tempest: Ramjack on the High Seas – Episode 12
| 9. September, 2009

Despite Technical difficulties we bring you an exciting episode 12. Your iPhone tells you when to go to the bathroom, Clowns and Gorillas unite for crime, look-alike sperm for sale, BJ’s for Babies, Peach is the new Pink, Grape is the new Grape, and Bread is the new Trojan. We learn about Toots while Howard the Duck teaches us that Bestiality is ok.

Listen to Episode 12

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