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Episode 89 – Ramjack and the Ice House of Forgotten Dreams
| 12. February, 2012

An epic shopping adventure full deceit, chicanery, and emotional turmoil is chronicled, Alex gives us the lowdown on Jennifer Lopez insanity and Prince’s wacky demands. Brad yells at an old lady in a grocery store. Claire and Werner Herzog joins us to talk about Showgirls featuring World’s Greatest Human, Elizabeth Berkley and some inexplicable lighting choices. We tackle a metric ton of Voicemail. including Lister submited situations, Secrets from the pits of Squirrel Hell, and a grip of questions.

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Listen to Episode 89 – 2:59:56

The Final Fury of Ramjack Book 1: The Adello Protocol – Episode 8
| 2. August, 2009

Jeezo presents another Miracle Baby Giraffe, The BBC, Greyhound adventures, podcasting is not for therapy, Meteor Man blows our minds with awesomeness, The Situation Room, And much to our surprise Pernisek buses in to join us… again. (super-fan or super-stalker? you decide!) P.S. Is anything weirder than fan-fiction? Check the website for more on that…

Listen to Episode 8

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