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Episode 298 – Ambassadors to the Academy of Good-Standing: A Ramjack Accolade
| 6. January, 2017

We survived the holidays. Alex is creating magical cinematic moments. Brad is encountering biker Santas with no respect for proper garage use. We dip into the Larger Locks Literary Lounge to discuss an airline murder mystery. The Bing translator wrecks havoc on the films of 2016 and we crown a new World’s Greatest Human.

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Where playing pilot is the worst way to die.

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Listen to Episode 298- 01:41:43


Episode 250 – Ramjack and the Constant Tears of the Unprepared Lumberjack
| 21. December, 2015

Happy Episode 250! Alex has a serious case of Adele Derangement Syndrome that he refuses to justify. Brad reads useless quotes. Some Japanese People are trying to change the lyrics to the Super Mario Theme song. We crown 2015’s “Worlds Greatest Human” and get a letter from our dear pal Hordak.

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Where we honor and respect what Nancy Newman did for us during her reign.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_250.mp3|titles=Episode 250|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 250 – 01:44:20


Episode 247 – Danger at the Ramjack Branch Office: A Tale of Hyperbole
| 25. November, 2015

Alex gets more shocking news from his favorite candidate. Brad is ready to take down a bus driver OR Jughead Jones. We play a rousing round of everyone’s favorite judicial game, “Hear ye. Hear ye!” Mr. Belvedere 6×03 “Truckin'” is 100% bananas on all fronts.

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Where Jughead best be wearing a crown.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_247.mp3|titles=Episode 247|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 247 – 2:22:26


Episode 225 – Ramjack vs The Mechahedron Decathlon: An Event of Some Note
| 18. May, 2015

Alex brings us a baffling reading comprehension test involving pineapple shenanigans. Jonathon takes us to the situation room to become Vacation Heroes. The seeds have been sown: Monsters will be placed in brackets and eliminated as we crown the champion of April Anarchy 2015! Also we watch Campin’ Buddies a 56 minute venture that really stretches the term movie to it’s breaking point.
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Where we are all Vacation Heroes –IN OUR HEARTS.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_225.mp3|titles=Episode 225|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 225 – 3:31:09


Thanksgiving Episode – Ramjack and the Amazing Maize Maze of Befuddlement
| 28. November, 2012

It’s a super special holiday-a-palooza! We check in with Claire to see if she is asleep or losing at Sports Facts. We discuss the National Dog Show, rad 80’s commercials, and crown “World’s Greatest Human 2012” Then we venture into the wilderness to see real live Jeezo sluts, werewolves, zombies, and scandal whilst searching for Black Friday bargains.

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More fun than a briefcase drill team… but really, what isn’t?

Listen to Episode 115 – 1:31:18

Episode 89 – Ramjack and the Ice House of Forgotten Dreams
| 12. February, 2012

An epic shopping adventure full deceit, chicanery, and emotional turmoil is chronicled, Alex gives us the lowdown on Jennifer Lopez insanity and Prince’s wacky demands. Brad yells at an old lady in a grocery store. Claire and Werner Herzog joins us to talk about Showgirls featuring World’s Greatest Human, Elizabeth Berkley and some inexplicable lighting choices. We tackle a metric ton of Voicemail. including Lister submited situations, Secrets from the pits of Squirrel Hell, and a grip of questions.

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Listen to Episode 89 – 2:59:56

Episode 82 – Cranberry Capers: A Ramjack Holiday Heist
| 4. December, 2011

Happy Holidays! If you like dog shows, THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU. We give our Thanksgiving sports reports, Check in with Claire, and join World’s Greatest Human Elizabeth Berkley and the Christmas Creep in the epic Hallmark Movie “Lucky Christmas”. We are riveted by the National Dog Show and all of it’s awesomeness. Hot New Movies are pitched and vocabulary lessons are taught. Our Black Friday bargain adventures and missed connections are chronicled as well.
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Listen to Episode 82 – 1:55:44

Episode 77 – Ramjack: A Prance Through the Orchard of Razor Blade Apples
| 24. October, 2011

The Halloween spirit flows powerfully as we catch up with Fat Albert and the Post-Apocalyptic Junkyard gang of 2525 as they battle the olds and giants. Alex makes a startling realization about his own personal tastes, Brad is a naturally suspicious Commander-in-chief, and the crown of World’s Greatest Human 2011 is placed on the head of it regal owner. A very special Mr. Belvedere tackles the big issues of underage drinking, contract law, and of course… incest. Saved by the Bell Goes into a fashion black hole and gets into super shady financial swindles and possible multiple universes.
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Listen to Episode 77 – 2:07:40

Episode 74 – Ramjack: Stranded in the River of Doubt
| 26. September, 2011

Podcast pressure and bamboozlement results in an open affirmation on the divinity of Sutekh. He is Risen! The Teddy and Kermit update is here, and it is amazing! Grab your favorite canine companion and join us on an Amazon Jungle Adventure. Some nerdo gamer parents are being the worst. We put Mr. Belvedere on notice, but will he earn his way back into our good graces? Join us as we witness Heather and Kevin getting closer than brother and sister should. Meanwhile Marcia is coming to terms with the fact she hates her family and her life, as we have been guessing all along.
Spoiler Alert: George continues to be the worst.
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Listen to Episode 74 – 1:32:33

Ramjack on Tornado Island: Twisters of Tomfoolerie – Episode 37
| 1. September, 2010

An action packed ep featuring: Pants v Shorts (Hint: one is for men and one is for eight year old boys) Empty Nest Syndrome Mystery solved, “Ice cream day” = The most respectable day. Syfy’s “Mary Knows Best” gives us a panic attack, How to know if she’s into you, Writing Tips, World’s Greatest Human returns, hot-air balloons, clowns, and dark childhood memories surface.

Listen to Episode 37 – 2:01:41

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