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Episode 208 – Under the Mirror Manacle: Ramjack in 8th Dimension
| 29. December, 2014

2015 Creep in on the scene! In this world shattering episode we endeavor to employ scooterbitches as insects to clear leaves from train tracks, learn what to drink coffee out of, and learn names. Alex reports in on some films that were mostly fun rides. We help some Mormons as well as visit a new forum that completely changes the game. Brad reads a truly disturbing missive from everyone’s favorite(?) small-town columnist.

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Where there’s still time to get me that holiday F1b mini Goldendoodle.

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Listen to Episode 208 – 1:40:33


Thanksgiving Episode – Ramjack and the Amazing Maize Maze of Befuddlement
| 28. November, 2012

It’s a super special holiday-a-palooza! We check in with Claire to see if she is asleep or losing at Sports Facts. We discuss the National Dog Show, rad 80’s commercials, and crown “World’s Greatest Human 2012” Then we venture into the wilderness to see real live Jeezo sluts, werewolves, zombies, and scandal whilst searching for Black Friday bargains.

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More fun than a briefcase drill team… but really, what isn’t?

Listen to Episode 115 – 1:31:18

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