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Episode 201 – Ramjack and the Infernal Terror Tomb of Doom Tarasque
| 1. November, 2014

It’s time for spooks and spectres and a shocking new episode of Ramjack! Alex gives us a list of fears… we make a better list. Brad takes us to Muscovy to discuss the antics of Peter the Great.
A Halloween themed HumGayGhost is filled with terror. We discuss the Halloween episodes of the dismal and morally questionable Major Dad: 4×5 “There’s No Place Like Farlow” (1992) and the super-rad Punky Brewster: 2×10 “Love Thy Neighbor” (1985).

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Listen to Episode 201 – 2:41:32


Sublexations of Nonsense: The Applied Kinesiology of Ramjack – Episode 54
| 15. March, 2011

In a time when the Greek people were in need of a leader… one man will rise to the challenge. In a world full of rule-breakers… another will unleash his blades to an unsuspecting public -a public that will learn to fear him. Elsewhere, as the wolfsbane blooms… a mortal in the throws of violent fever will realize that he well may have received the curse of the Pentagram. But who will stalk them?

We also cover more Charles in Charge and the final gasps of The Cape. If you have the ears we have the something to occupy them.

Listen to Episode 54 – 1:59:56

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