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Episode 177 – Hotline for Heresy: Rise of the Ramjack Call Center
| 4. April, 2014

Brad visits the monster rally that is Megacon and endures a shadowcast. Alex updates us on Ireland’s favorite singer and how to judge if your relationship will last. Perfect Strangers takes on 1930’s style mob schemes in ‘Can I Get a Witness?’

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Listen to Episode 177 – 1:47:05


Episode 66 – Ramjack: Hitchhiking on the Road to Mayhem
| 14. July, 2011

Alex is getting ready for camp and we are preparing for his funeral. Learn about the bravest new subset of freedom loving children; their wants, their needs, and their numerous numerous fears. Pillows and showers become much more ominous. Brad gets ready for the big game by answering some extremely basic sports trivia, sadly he doesn’t know the rules… at all.
Join us for a visit to http://monkeyhelpers.org it’s a real monkeyshiner if I’ve ever seen one. And finally we learn about a really weird guy. Weird.

Listen to Episode 66 – 1:27:06

Curse of the Pentagram Moon: The Bite of Ramjack – Episode 42
| 29. October, 2010

We see you Hoarding those Pumpkins. It’s Halloween and BooBerry is judging you with his jaunty eyebrow.

As we prep for our trip to Washington D.C. we still find time to ask the hard questions. Have you found love in a bakery, at the hands of a scary Slovenian sadist robot, or with a creepy clown? …Because someone has.

We talk about an epic triple feature of “Paranormal Activity”, The Asylum knock-off “Paranormal Entity” & “Paranormal Activity 2” Also join us for our Super Special
Cedric-Centric Situation Room.

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Listen to Episode 42 – 2:11:42

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