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Episode 238 – Envisioning Elegance Unleashed: The Tasteful Tamoshanter of Ramjack
| 7. September, 2015

We’re coming on! Brad has developed some strange addictions. Alex has had at least 238 strokes. Hipsters are giving robots panic attacks. We check in on fashion/language shenanigans in China. Giving Advice: THE GAME takes on some letters to the editor of an actual non-defunct newspaper. We review the opening credits to a slew of failed television shows from the late 70’s and are morally outraged by our findings therein.

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Episode 131 – Ramjack and the Secret Radish of Deceit
| 10. April, 2013

As the old sports adage tells us “Trust your Staples.” We’re here to give you some hard-hitting March Madness Coverage, some tender loving advice from Baby Jeezo to the ladies, and a plan for a better stronger humanity with less gross dudes. Kevin sleeps with an old lady on Mr. Belvedere and the hottest stars of NBC visit on the Thanksgiving Episode of Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

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