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Episode 220 – Snapdragon Soiree: The Second Seat of Ramjack
| 29. March, 2015

It’s March Madness and we are here to explain all the sports facts about which of these creeps is going to sneak into a sweet sixteen party. Arctic Explorers are gross fucks that need to be stopped. Mr. Belvedere 5×17 “The Debate” is an amazing battle of X-men as Heather Pryde Mertz battles Savvy Magik Angela for the attention of some George McFly Conservative loser. Fashions have never been more insane.
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Episode 134 – Ramjack and the Oblivion Endgame
| 9. May, 2013

In this episode we learn some of Aaron Tippin’s secrets, learn some bee facts, and get some relationship advice from fictional characters. Mr. Belvedere presents a nightmare panic attack prom that we would all very much like to forget and Saved by the Bell The College Years teaches us about the ethics of dumpster diving in shorts.

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Episode 73 – Ice Viking Victory: The Battle of Ramjack
| 18. September, 2011

Do you know the difference between love and lust? Spoilers: You probably don’t. Luckily Pinterest is here to teach us how to open our hearts and get off of each other’s hair so as to have a happy, healthy, joyless, soul-crushing relationship. Sleep easy knowing that the common everyman yokel is getting ready for zombies with a supply of mom-jeans and canned peaches. The Christmas creep has been spotted and no amount of science can stop his quest to conquer the calender. Do you hate homeless people? Then you’ll love Mr. Belvedere. All hands look out below, There’s a change in the status quo, and Mr. Belvedere is on notice.
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Listen to Episode 73 – 1:13:44

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