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Episode 220 – Snapdragon Soiree: The Second Seat of Ramjack
| 29. March, 2015

It’s March Madness and we are here to explain all the sports facts about which of these creeps is going to sneak into a sweet sixteen party. Arctic Explorers are gross fucks that need to be stopped. Mr. Belvedere 5×17 “The Debate” is an amazing battle of X-men as Heather Pryde Mertz battles Savvy Magik Angela for the attention of some George McFly Conservative loser. Fashions have never been more insane.
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Episode 71 – Absolute Tyranny: The Concord of Ramjack
| 1. September, 2011

Ta da! A new episode of Ramjack in which we finally discuss Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room.” And it might be the greatest film ever made… if you like awkward sex scenes, nearly unintelligible bad dialogue and losing your grip on reality. We start planning for the My Strange Addiction Picnic and unleash rage against long dead American Presidents that might or might not be listening to the show. Mr. Belvedere gives a dark look into the psyche of a geriatric racist homophobe clansman and his struggle to remember how old he is through the fog of dementia. Alex reveals his own hostile anti-midget bigotry and we see Mr. Belvedere in an extremely compromising situation.
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Listen to Episode 71 – 1:43:38

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