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Episode 118 – Ramjack and the Lamentations of the Spirit of Solstice Future
| 19. December, 2012

Beware the powers of the Dark Triad! Brad learns who controls his life and Alex finds out if he’s a tease. We tackle the case of the Santa Claus Onslaught and talk about some animal facts. Mr. Belvedere is all about sweet sweet pills and Saved by the Bell the College Years introduces us to Sexism 101 with Professor Lame-o.

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Listen to Episode 118 – 2:15:43

Episode 76 – Ramjack and the Pumpkin King of Hypotheticals
| 16. October, 2011

It’s an action packed episode that’s gonna be catching bodies and meeting cute all over the place.
Brad fights a car while Alex has celeb sightings and socializes with the working class. We watch the film “Head of the Family” to learn about hypothetical-lawyer-long-cons and tenderness. Mr. Belvedere has to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and Saved by the Bell goes completely crazy-bananas as the final remnants of order are completely uprooted. Send this podcast to five of your friends and if anything happens to either of us in the meantime forward it
on to three lawyers and then tell them to give it to the State Attorney.
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Listen to Episode 76 – 2:16:56

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