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Episode 294 – Ramjack and the Culling of the Yule Beasts
| 9. December, 2016

Alex has tales of toys, travel, and obsession. Brad is ready to tell people how it is and call out liars and monsters wherever needed. We are all just trying to get to that Lucky Level where it’s fun to be alive as we discuss the 1948 Christmas episode of The Jack Benny Radio Show

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Where wallets should not cost that much.

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Episode 229 – Ramjack: Heir Apparent to the Artisinal Assassin Academy
| 24. June, 2015

Join us as we celebrate the 6th anniversary of the podcast with shocking scandals, long simmering feuds, mental illness and a trip to hoarder-town. We continue our Summer of Alf-yo as we watch the all too-timely Dragnet episodes 2×02 “The Shooting Board” and 2×08 “The Big High”
Voice Mail: (979) 476-9877 or (979) GrowUp7
Email: ramjackpodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ramjackpodcast

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Where the names will be changed to protect the innocent or litigious #EustaceCarbuncle.

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Episode 120 – Ramjack: Trial of the Travelog… of TERROR!
| 10. January, 2013

Here it is a very special episode of the epic trip to Tennessee. Brad does extensive field research to find out why people are eating off the floor. We learn that clowns for the state often get screwed by the state and discover the proper way to eat cheese puffs like a psychopath. Enjoy the panic and let’s all resolve to get our shit together in 2013.

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Episode 74 – Ramjack: Stranded in the River of Doubt
| 26. September, 2011

Podcast pressure and bamboozlement results in an open affirmation on the divinity of Sutekh. He is Risen! The Teddy and Kermit update is here, and it is amazing! Grab your favorite canine companion and join us on an Amazon Jungle Adventure. Some nerdo gamer parents are being the worst. We put Mr. Belvedere on notice, but will he earn his way back into our good graces? Join us as we witness Heather and Kevin getting closer than brother and sister should. Meanwhile Marcia is coming to terms with the fact she hates her family and her life, as we have been guessing all along.
Spoiler Alert: George continues to be the worst.
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Episode 70 – Ramjack and the Bucket of Danger!
| 25. August, 2011

Prepare yourself for radness! Brad gives his summer reading list update. Spoilers: Teddy and Kermit are off on some capers and caprices of their own and the economy is going to collapse again. There’s some not-so-surprising news from Jackson TN and a discussion of how lame Casey Jones Village is. Alex has been to Chicago and almost got attacked by a decepticon whilst ignoring foxy scavengers on his way to hip happening mustache parties. We ask for your help with Brad’s new northern career goals. We kick off our grand Mr. Belvedere rewatch in epic style and a slew of questions. Which member of the Owen family is the most disturbed? When will Mr. Belvedere kill again? What’s his angle? Where the hell did he come from? How old is Bob Uecker? What have they been teaching these creepo masochistic children? Where did Mr. Belvedere get that hamster from? Isn’t eight years old a little too young for hot-tubing?
But seriously, When is Belvedere going to kill again?
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Listen to Episode 70 – 1:24:40

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