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Episode 112 – Deadly Daddy Demon Daycare: Ramjack & The Alliteration of Stale Ideas
| 30. October, 2012

We have both seen a grip of films including the most sexist movie ever and Alex finally sees the worst movie ever made. Old People LOVE grocery stores. Sadsack losers post their awkward terrible relationship texts on the internet for our amusement. Belvedere faces mortality, George hangs with devil worshipers, and Heather asks Kevin to wear a sexy costume. Amateur-junior-scientist Angie Harmon and Doctor David Hasselhoff track down a vampire at the old cemented up police station.

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Listen to Episode 112 – 2:25:57

Episode 85 – Ramjack and the Shameful Mollusk: An Underwater Tale
| 5. January, 2012

It’s a new year and we are here with fresh 2012 shenanigans, tomfooleries, and goings on. We discuss our nations first President, George “Sadistic-Douchebag” Washington and his even more crazed psycho-bitch of a mother. We chart our experiences with both blatant and casual racism and homophobia. Jon Pernisek makes a couple of hearty attempts to pitch some Hollywood Gold only to fail miserably. Brad puts aside his Sports Facts to unleash his Dream Interpretation Powers.

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Listen to Episode 85 – 1:30:37

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