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Episode 172 – Endangered and Precarious: Ramjack and the Typhoon of Askew Glances
| 4. March, 2014

It’s a super special episode with Claire Laffar! Drones are chasing poachers, the Japanese are reading nipple fortunes, and extreme cheapskates are generating panic attacks all over the place. As the world falls deeper into chaos one chimney sweep will rise to restore justice. Larry attempts to buy the love of his latest dream girl only to be thwarted by Myposian Medicines in the Perfect Strangers episode ‘Ladies and Germs’

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_172.mp3|titles=Episode 172|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 172 – 1:43:00

Episode 95 – Ramjack and the Crisis of the Shadow-Man Mirror-People
| 24. April, 2012

Hey remember Easter? We do. Barry-san be praised! We are prepping for Vatican III i.e., No Vatican. Grab a glass of your finest aged urine and mouthful of dirt we’ve got a slew of new addicts and a couple of well placed halibuts. The coffee shops are filled with terrifying weirdos and walking cliches. We test our likelihood to become alcoholics. We’re eating bugs, all of us… and no amount of alcohol or showering can change it.

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Listen to Episode 95 – 2:03:14

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