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Episode 204 – Cries for Noise: Ramack and the Momentum of the Mendacious Mechanical Mockingbirds
| 30. November, 2014

Alex has overdosed on cinnamon whilst (trying) to lift an LCD television and Brad has sat through the entirety of the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Despite these tragedies we are still able to pursue our greatest passion: helping Mormons. Mr. Belvedere 5×10 “Homeless” quickly devolves into “Hider in the House” Perfect Strangers 2×16 “Tux For Two” reveals what an awful photographer Larry is.

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Episode 73 – Ice Viking Victory: The Battle of Ramjack
| 18. September, 2011

Do you know the difference between love and lust? Spoilers: You probably don’t. Luckily Pinterest is here to teach us how to open our hearts and get off of each other’s hair so as to have a happy, healthy, joyless, soul-crushing relationship. Sleep easy knowing that the common everyman yokel is getting ready for zombies with a supply of mom-jeans and canned peaches. The Christmas creep has been spotted and no amount of science can stop his quest to conquer the calender. Do you hate homeless people? Then you’ll love Mr. Belvedere. All hands look out below, There’s a change in the status quo, and Mr. Belvedere is on notice.
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Made real… with Science!

Listen to Episode 73 – 1:13:44

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