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Episode 241 – Invoices From The Ramjack Agency of Venomous Ventures
| 12. October, 2015

We’re back in action and we have life-changing promises to share, advice for confused Mormons, and new ideas for large corporations from our artistic think tank. Brad encounters amusement park monsters and Alex suggests a very questionable business model for “Artisinal Haunted Houses”

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Episode 116 – Ramjack & The Revolt of the Strawmen Slaughter Sqaud
| 6. December, 2012

This is the perfect podcast for your cheat month. Japan has invited the Burger King back into their realm of gross food festivities. There’s a new genre of literature and it’s officially the worst.
We check with Cosmo to find out if we’re Suckers or Psychics. The great values fam of the 80’s is having budget issues and Wesley finds love in a love con. Meanwhile Kelly escapes her dismal fast food future to join the Saved by the Bell The College Years crew at California College University School.

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