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Episode 226 – Starter Sickness Succession: Ramjack and the Rise of Moribund Baker
| 25. May, 2015

In this episode we learn about the horrors going on in casinos and in the minds of casino patrons. The Situation Room takes us into a completely unlikely parallel universe in which we never became Vacation Heroes. In Mr. Belvedere 5×19 “The Book” The mystery of Marsha’s Porsche plus her shady connections to Al Qaeda are finally revealed. Also we discuss Ghost Writer/Ghost Rider and his contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through solving mysteries with word puzzles and motor cycle stunts. Visit Our Website:
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Where we always knew Marsha hated freeom.

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Episode 117 – Ramjack & The Quasar-Powered Party Patrol
| 12. December, 2012

Here’s the perfect podcast for your impending holiday panic attacks. Japanese sexists have made a car for the ladies. Alex has more creepy Yoga adventures. Bill O’Reilly isn’t sure if Korean qualifies as a language. Everybody’s favorite former nazi pedophile protector has some Jeezo facts for Xmas. We watch some Doomsday Preppers and get ready to bug out and Evan’s Grandmother gives us a Yule Panic Attack.

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It’s a good place to bug-out.

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