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Episode 186 – Egg on the Face of Ramjack: A Fremdschämen Fable
| 7. June, 2014

Get your flashlights out we’ve got monster stories and more difficult queries in Giving Advice: THE GAME. Some assholes are trying to send religious texts to the moon and the army is trying to shame it’s fat murderers. It’s Yule time on Perfect Strangers as we discuss 2×11 ‘A Christmas Story’ We conquer a mountain of voicemails and Alex offers to hand deliver a poster for anyone willing to put up a Ramjack billboard.

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Episode 134 – Ramjack and the Oblivion Endgame
| 9. May, 2013

In this episode we learn some of Aaron Tippin’s secrets, learn some bee facts, and get some relationship advice from fictional characters. Mr. Belvedere presents a nightmare panic attack prom that we would all very much like to forget and Saved by the Bell The College Years teaches us about the ethics of dumpster diving in shorts.

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