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Epiosode 80 – Bionic Rage: Ramjack on the Battlements
| 18. November, 2011

Join us friends as we pitch an amazing new breakfast option that will forever change the Holiday Season. Brazil goes on official notice for their bedroom antics. We Introduce a grip of new Apps that will decipher what kind of ghost situation you are dealing with for an economical price, try to nail down if truth is true and get ready for our Thanksgiving sport reports.
Mr. Belvedere gets really really real on Thanksgiving and Zack Morris is jerk to Wheelchair Bitches in the Tori Universe of Saved by The Bell.
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It’s Truth App Aproved.

Listen to Episode 80 – 1:50:24

Boiling Tempest: Ramjack on the High Seas – Episode 12
| 9. September, 2009

Despite Technical difficulties we bring you an exciting episode 12. Your iPhone tells you when to go to the bathroom, Clowns and Gorillas unite for crime, look-alike sperm for sale, BJ’s for Babies, Peach is the new Pink, Grape is the new Grape, and Bread is the new Trojan. We learn about Toots while Howard the Duck teaches us that Bestiality is ok.

Listen to Episode 12

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