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Episode 253 – Black Sea Salutations: Ramjack under the Muscovite Mizzenmast
| 22. January, 2016

Breaking News: White people are super angry right now. Alex has news of realife capuchin capers. Brad has watched “The Nightmare” and a grip of “Hoarders” episodes. We have another round of Book Report Battles and learn all about Witch Cakes.

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Listen to Episode 253 – 1:31:46


Episode 84 – Ramjack and the Prince of Mediocre Sacrifices: A Messiah Story
| 20. December, 2011

An epic Holiday episode is here to fill your digital stocking, Brad is wheelin’, dealin’ and conquering the amazon. Alex is fighting children, making connections at starbucks and dealing out harsh criticism. Jon Pernisek sends us amazing Fanfiction. Morgan Freeman makes a special appearance. We learn about the unfortunate fate of Rich Little and Dana Carvey. Belvedere turns it up to eleven and Saved by the Bell finally let’s Mario Lopez come out of the closet.
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Listen to Episode 84 – 2:15:49

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