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Episode 221 – Ramjack and the Doom-Scarf of Rokurokubi
| 5. April, 2015

Brad encounters a monster spitting blackness at entire families. Alex has discovered public transportation for douchebags. We are back to March Madness, and yet again, Brad proves that he does indeed know all of the sports facts about the big game. Alex shakes it up with TV show and snack brackets. On Perfect Strangers 3×03 – “Sexual Harrassment In Chicago” Balki fights of the Imperial advances of Saved by The Bell’s Grand Moff Tarkin.

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Listen to Episode 221 – 2:03:50


Episode 191 – Salutations from Salamander City: The E-Card of Ramjack
| 11. July, 2014

Brad reports in on another handful of horror films including some dirtwater herda hada methmouths terror. Alex has all the animal facts. We help a lot dummy Christians with their relationship problems in ‘Giving Advice: THE GAME’ Mr. Belvedere 5×5 (“Marsha’s Secret”) confirms everything we assumed and proves Marsha to be the worst human ever.

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_191.mp3|titles=Episode 191|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 191 – 2:07:09


Episode 150 – Ramjack – Out of the Readasarus Backlash: Darkness Ensues
| 6. September, 2013

It’s an episode 150 super celebration! We learn the importance of discussing our secret family values, there’s a new superhero in Japan and he’s inspired us to recruit the greatest team of superheroes ever created, an old friend returns for vengeance, and Lora Wimsatt has no clue how airplanes or Lost and Found works. Mr. Belvedere gets creepy and sexist and we finish the first season of Perfect Strangers.

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_150.mp3|titles=Episode 150|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 150 – 2:31:26

Episode 106 – Canis Unbound: Ramjack and the Beast Fright Fighters
| 10. September, 2012

The National Guard of the Hyper-Militarized States of ‘Merica tries to thwart Brad and his attempts to walk down the sidewalk in a police-state. Claire dons communal bacteria regalia for krazy kayak adventures. We join our pals Angie Harmon and Dr. David Hasselhoff as they battle mediocre aliens, mutants in parallel futures, and cd-rom archers from the Kalderash Clan when Baywatch Days turn into Baywatch Nights.

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Listen to Episode 106 – 1:57:35

Episode 89 – Ramjack and the Ice House of Forgotten Dreams
| 12. February, 2012

An epic shopping adventure full deceit, chicanery, and emotional turmoil is chronicled, Alex gives us the lowdown on Jennifer Lopez insanity and Prince’s wacky demands. Brad yells at an old lady in a grocery store. Claire and Werner Herzog joins us to talk about Showgirls featuring World’s Greatest Human, Elizabeth Berkley and some inexplicable lighting choices. We tackle a metric ton of Voicemail. including Lister submited situations, Secrets from the pits of Squirrel Hell, and a grip of questions.

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Listen to Episode 89 – 2:59:56

Ramjack and the Rings of Saturn: Search for the S-Factor – Episode 45
| 8. December, 2010

We take a trust fall into the dark dangerous devil-majicks of the Tarot. Unleash a cry for justice to be served as Jonathon gets wronged, Alex gets an ego boost, and Brad gets Marmaduke.

We delve into some 80’s nostalgia and reminisce about Saved by the Bell, Wheel Chair Kids and the 1988 menagerie of crazy known as “Mac and Me” teaches us valuable lessons about the proper care and handling of Mysterious Alien Creatures as well as the importance of communication and a good Big Mac to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Listen to Episode 45 – 1:57:33

Box-Social Bandits: The Fall Festival of Ramjack – Episode 44
| 28. November, 2010

We get the Chicago update from Jon Pernisek just off his Journey on the midnight train. Meanwhile Alex takes a break from stuffing his face with baked goods to show his general disdain and lack of respect for the audience.

We welcome Dove Promises back into the mix despite they’re sexist comments and take time to go full out Fashion Forward to learn about wearable hugs and discover the secrets hiding in Jonathon’s closet. In the situation room we launch the hottest new hit musicals ever conceived.

Listen to Episode 44 – 1:31:59

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