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Ramjack provides listeners with weekly tomfoolery, shenanigans and general goings-on ... as well as commentary on the wackiest sitcoms the '80s and '90s have to offer. Are you a dedicated fan of the podcast? Feel free to contribute! There is a great deal of Ramjack ephemera currently unaccounted for on the Wiki, so get those fingers to typing.

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The Hosts

Brad Cupples

Alex Green

Jonathon Pernisek


Brad's Fears and Foes

Checks Alex Can't Cash

Complete List of Sign-Offs


Ramjack Safety Scorecard

Ramjack Spinoffs

Friends of the Podcast

Adrian / Adrian’s Family


Cedric The Safety Sloth

Chim Cheroo

Cold Chain

Cromwell & Company

Guest Appearances

Hordak of Despondos


Mr. Magazine

Nancy Newman

Rex and Rita

Werner Herzog

World's Greatest Humans



Baywatch Nights

The Cape

Charles in Charge / The Powell Family


Mr. Belvedere

My Strange Addiction

Nights Network

Perfect Strangers

Punky Brewster


Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Small Wonder

Film, Literature & Music

Brave Hearts

The Diving Belvedere and the Butterfly

Everyone's Havin' Fun in the Sun (Today)

Inland Empire

It Takes Two (When You Fight Kaiju)

Larger Locks Literary Lounge

The Ramjack Cineplex

"Too Many Robots for Destiny"

The Ultimate Ramjack Playlist

The MoviePass Watchlist

The A-List Watchlist

Ramjack Games

April Anarchy

Are You Game? The Game

Bing That Movie!

Book Report Battle

The Code Game

Giving Advice: THE GAME

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Here's the Pitch, Netflix!

How Does It End?



A Musical Horse Romance

The Mundane Game

Mystery Minute

Oreo No!


The Situation Room

Snatch and Release

Strange Addict or Smells Like a Halibut?

Skymall Scramble / Dog Show Scramble

That's Investable!

Train Game

Who’s Losing at Facebook?

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