Episode 380

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Episode 380 – The 8th Annual Ramjack 9/11 Pageant

Episode Description:

Happy Holidays, friends. Join us as we discuss movies and give some proper advice to those who have been denied freedom. Sci-Fi September kicks off with The Outer Limits 6x17 ("Gettysburg"), in which Alex Diakun sends some redneck Civil War reenactors back in time and inadvertently causes Meatloaf to kill Barack Obama.

Length: 2:22:20
Date: 9/11/18

[Link to Episode 380 http://ramjackpodcast.com/episode-380-the-eighth-annual-ramjack-9-11-pageant-a-cliched-jingoistic-scream-from-planet-earths-greatest-nation-wrapped-in-fetishistic-nationalism-as-baby-jesus-always-intended-i/]