Episode 372

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Episode 372 – Ornaments of Chaos: The Baubles of Ramjack

Episode Description:

Jonathon Pernisek joins us to spread Xmas in July cheer. Brad fills us in on the latest in his MoviePass shenanigans, as well as the most painful 35 second "film" ever created. We play Drum, Pay, Toast and learn a lot of lessons in the process. The Equalizer 3x11 ("Christmas Presence") tells the story of a child with AIDS and the drunken barkeep that wants to straight up murder him.

Length: 3:07:55
Date: 7/17/18

[Link to Episode 372 http://ramjackpodcast.com/episode-372-ornaments-of-chaos-the-baubles-of-ramjack/]