Episode 339

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Episode 339 – Vengeance Before Cauliflower: The Serving Suggestion of Ramjack

Episode Description: Happy Holidayzzzzzzz. Brad has checked out the first couple of chapters in Donna Brazile’s kooky new book,Hacked. Alex is here to Shout About It! re his recent Jackson Trip and love for a reality show that glorifies the revolting state of Capitalist oppression. We visit the always terrifying world of Small Wonder with the hugely questionable 2x12 "Thanksgiving Story", in which we uncover the worst outfit of all time.

Length: 2:17:56
Date: 11/22/17

[Link to Episode 339 http://ramjackpodcast.com/episode-339-vengeance-cauliflower-serving-suggestion-ramjack/]