Episode 189

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Stop, Drop and Die: The Lost Protocol of Ramjack

Episode Description: There are terrifying animal facts aplenty in this episode, folks. We dispense homespun Ramjack wisdom to “wishy-washy” Mormons and crazy lame-o gamers in yet another round of Giving Advice: THE GAME. Mr. Belvedere 5x04 ("Pigskin") induces a fashion-based panic attack while revisiting Kevin’s childhood neuroses regarding football.

Length: 1:43:38
Date: 6/28/14

[Link to Episode 188 http://ramjackpodcast.com/episode-189-stop-drop-die-lost-protocol-ramjack/]

Episode Tags
"wishy-washy", 80's Action Figures, Alexander Green, Animal Facts, Ant Wars, Atheist, AverageCrateBox, Bad Hair + Teenser lil matchstick legs, Brace-Face, Brad Cupples, Catfish, Chris Matthews: Football expert, Do not rent a tux, Freshman Year Jon Pernisek's sweet velcro kicks, Grow up and Shut up!, Hardball, I haven't seen family since 2009 and that is more than ok with me, I said... "no", If you want a grandiose expensive ceremony of your own vanity don't expect others to give it to you, Jaime Lawson, LDS.net, Life Lessons, Matress Job, Miss Piggy, Moneyball, Monsters, Mr. Belvedere, No means no, Savvy Angela, science, science pants, She looks the most Miss Piggy of all the Miss Piggys, Skeptic, Small Wonder, So much privilege, Sometimes the real people are more terrifying than the catfish people #Lifelesson, spiders, Spiders fishing, temporary family, The Benedict Family has some high standards... for dead people, The Owens Football Cycle of Tragedy, The Wall Street Kid, The-she's-so-beautiful-I must-own-her-kind of-love, Velcro shoes, washy, Wedding Dresses and Lame Tuxedos are not attractive clothes, Weddings are gross, wishy, Your in-laws know something you don't, Your parents don't owe you anything